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languages online

Fantastic tools to turn your language learners
into language speakers!


Poodll tools are trusted by
100s of schools

With Poodll, a lot of time is saved as students navigate reading passages and comprehension quizzes on their own. Teachers are able to provide far more quality inputs about the learning levels of the child based on the grades from the various activities. Evidence is then used by the academic team to further develop any other pedagogical interventions.

Michelle – Tamarind Tree

Languages are meant to be spoken

Thousands of teachers have used Poodll to bring speaking and interactivity to their online courses. See why Poodll is the language teacher’s #1 choice.

We’re here to help

No matter what language you teach, Poodll has the tools you need.

  • Vocabulary Tools

  • Speaking Tools

  • Reading Tools

  • Listening Tools

  • Writing Tools

Incredible AI features

Save time for teachers, add value for students!


Transcription features

Automatic subtitles


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