Enhance classroom learning or
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Poodllnet comes fully equipped with all the tools you need to turn your language learners into language users. Here’s how we do it.

Course Creation

Build Content

Author new content within Poodll, transform Word or PPT files into new resources, upload existing documents, images, and other media, record new audio and video resources right inside Poodll.


Poodll supports the latest industry standard in content interoperability.

Assessment Features

Many content types can be auto-graded, others can be manually scored through an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. Ability to define and apply rubrics.

Players and Widgets

Poodll has a variety of players to support both learning and assessment. Widgets are building blocks that you can use to make your courses more engaging, useful, relevant or accessible.

Learning Paths

Poodll has the ability to show or hide individual activities based on what students have done, or how well they’ve done it.

Easy Upload

Fast-track course creation by dragging and dropping existing content onto the course page.

Outcome Focused


Any assessed item can be assigned a value in the gradebook. It is also possible to add offline items and include them in the grade calculation.


Nothing increases motivation like a little healthy competition. Assign points for different actions in the course. Leaderboards and badges keep students coming back for more.

Completion Tracking

Teachers can set completion conditions for each course activity. Completion can be based on viewing an activity, finishing it, achieving a certain grade, etc.

User Dashboard

All of a student’s courses are listed on his or her dashboard along with a progress radial indicating the percentage of activities that have been completed


Educational Players

Poodll has players that offer variable playback speed to modulate difficulty according to the learner’s needs. There are also players with interactive transcripts to better support language learners..


Text-to-speech capabilities allow learners to confirm pronunciation of unfamiliar words. It is also possible to auto-generate model readings of longer texts.


Teachers can create glossaries of new or challenging vocabulary. Glossary auto linking can be turned on or off at the activity level.

Native Language Interface

Poodll can support learners in a wide variety of languages. Language can be set at the site level or in the individual user preferences

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