Made by teachers,
for teachers…

Our team at Poodll has over 30 years of experience teaching language. Each of our tools has been battle-tested in real classrooms with real students so that you can feel confident you’re getting the best.

Poodll has been providing cutting edge tools and services to language teachers since 2011. It originated in Nagasaki, Japan with a small group of teachers who were unhappy with the features offered by the school’s expensive language lab. From the beginning, Poodll has been designed by language teachers for language teachers.

Poodll was first taken up by the Moodle community in Japan. From there, it has spread to thousands of teachers in hundreds of schools across more than 40 countries around the world.

As technology has changed, so too has Poodll. From its humble beginnings in Adobe Flash to its current form as HTML5, Poodll has kept pace with each new advance. Along the way the company transitioned from free products to a subscription-based model. The software itself remains open source.

Poodll is an independent company, 100% owned by its founders. Along the way we have received support and help from many individuals and organisations, notably the Moodle Association of Japan, Moodle Pty Ltd, and Amazon Web Services.

There are currently six Poodll staff (none of whom are particularly photogenic).

Poodll Team

Team Poodll
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